Our project contributes to the Latin WordNet 2.0, a lexico-semantic database of the Latin language (developed under the direction of Dr. William Michael Short, University of Exeter) that builds on, and extends, the original Latin WordNet developed as part of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler's MultiWordNet project. In particular, our research aims at enriching this resource by defining as accurately as possible the semantic domain of emotions. 

We are also collaborating with the University of Exeter to the creation of the Lexicon Translaticium Latinum, a large dictionary of Latin metaphors built on the basis of the LatinWordNet 2.0 to capture rich information about the figurative usages of words and about the metaphorical patterns attested for the Latin language. Our contribution mainly concerns a specific kind of metaphors, the embodied metaphors used by Romans to express emotions and feelings

Last update 4 October 2019